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What is Neuromarketing?

Why do consumers buy what they buy?
How much are they willing to pay?
Why do some brands appeal more than others?

Do you want to fully understand what drives consumers’ attitudes and behaviors? Then you'll need more than traditional market research methods. Traditional tools, like consumer surveys and focus groups, assume consumers consciously articulate their preferences, whereas the majority of thoughts occur in our subconscious minds. In other words, consumers don't choose rationally. That’s where neuromarketing comes in.

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Unlocking Answers Without Asking

Definition: "Neuromarketing uses neuroscience to reveal subconscious consumer decision-making processes. Neuromarketers study brain- and biometric responses, as well as behavior, to understand and shape how consumers feel, think, and act."

They answer questions like:

  • How desirable is your product?
  • What emotion is triggered by your promotion?
  • Which ad is most effective?
  • What price causes the consumer pain?
  • How do consumers feel at your point of sale?

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